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Welcome to krunner-vim-sessions’ documentation!

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krunner-vim-sessions is written in Python so it requires PyKDE4.

You can get the source code from the Mercurial repository or, a ready to install, packaged version from

From the Mercurial repository

  1. Clone krunner-vim-sessions repository. For example, if you want to install version 0.1 you have to do:

    $ hg clone -r 0.1
  2. Install using the provided Makefile.

    $ make install

From a packaged version

  1. Download the package from For example, if you want to install version 0.1:

    $ wget
  2. Once downloaded the tarball you have to do:

    $ tar zxf krunner-vim-sessions-0.1.tar.gz
    $ cd krunner-vim-sessions-0.1/
    $ make install